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have you seen our living room lately?

Jun. 16th, 2012 | 06:28 am

It's nearly complete! The only thing that isn't here yet is the bookshelf, because Stickley custom builds (lest you think that uber-expensive, it's actually no worse than buying a banker's bookshelf from, say, J.C. Penney). I LOVE coming home to our house now. So worth it. We live in a very small house (1000 square feet), which I like for a number of reasons (easy to clean, low mortgage and taxes, inexpensive to heat and cool), and making improvements is much less expensive than moving every time we feel cramped.

A few notes: 
  • If you want throw rugs or (yuk) carpet, consider Flor carpet tiles. They're really neat. Much denser than normal carpet, so they don't absorb liquid spills and are easy to vacuum. Super easy to install (I wouldn't even call it installation, they just go on the floor and attach together with sticky dots). They don't go anywhere, even through the tiles aren't actually attached to the floor (which is also nice, because if you pull them up there's no damage). And you can pull up individual tiles for cleaning or, if something traumatic happens, replacement. For the zebra carpet, I purchased four extra so that we can do that over time. 
  • Good lighting is so worth the money. It gets dark here in the winter, and I'm prone to depression when I don't get enough light, so having a cozy, well lit home will be nice. 
  • The dog crate table is soooo neato! We can put our books and coffee on it AND the dog can go to her room in ONE piece of floor space. 
  • If you're going to buy a desk or a bookshelf anyhow, it's nice to get one that minimizes dust, thus the banker's bookshelf and the secretary desk.
  • B is a bit of a slob - or anyhow, he figures why put something away if you're going to use it again, and he doesn't seem to notice clutter. Yet he takes great care of his guns and other equipment. I've noticed that having chosen all this furniture together, he feels a sense of ownership that causes him to want to keep the space tidy. 
We'll take a break from buying things for awhile while we replenish the not-so-large-as-you-might-think-but-not-insignificant hole in our savings account, but I'd like to do some other improvements to the house. I think that it would be worth it to have fancy shelving put into the garage. And we could really use a more comfortable futon bed in the guest room (which is my room when we don't have guests). 

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I can gloat here, right?

Jun. 6th, 2012 | 05:56 am

I've lost 12 pounds since I was last weighed at the doc. Feels good to be getting less fat. I'm watching what I eat, but I'm not going hungry. And I'm drinking one or two glasses of wine most nights. 

I'd like to lose about 15 more, but I only have about 4 more before I'm hovering at at the top end of the government-accepted BMI for my stature. And of course, I'm stronger than your average government-accepted chick.

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wherein I tell you about my recent illness and brag about being fit

Mar. 6th, 2012 | 05:52 am

1) I've been sick, and I'm almost better. A cold that became a sinus/lung thing. B got the cold, but it didn't turn into a big to-do the way mine did. It's also one of those that impacts one's mood. I was grouchy as hell for a week, and tired, and now he is. Poor Husband.

I haven't been sick in a couple of years. Because I work in a huge public service computer lab, I've become pretty vigilant about wiping down the phone, keyboard, mouse, etc. with anti-crud wipes when I get to the reference desk. I sanitize my hands frequently, sinus rinse twice a day, and habitually don't touch my face with my fingers. You would too if you saw people coughing all over their keyboards on a daily basis.

So anyhow, I caught it anyhow, which means is some virulent shit. Hopefully the residual hack will go away soon because it's keeping me awake. I've got an albuterol inhaler which helps during the day, but no codeine cough syrup, damnit.

2) While I dislike not working out, being sick made me take a week off, and actually my body is kind of happy about it. My back feels good and I'm energized to hit it hard, to the point where I need to slow myself down because I'm not 100% yet.

I can't remember the last time I missed a regularly scheduled workout. Oh - I didn't work out in Dallas but that's because the air was so bad I couldn't see, didn't seem prudent to breathe deeply. Plus it was only 4 days. Other than that - years, including vacations. We worked out on the cruise ship in 2008.

Yesterday was my first day back in the saddle. We did what I call a TRX etc. workout. B and I work out together and we have one TRX strap thingy plus one kettlebell each (25 for me, 35 for him), so I pull together alternating sets of TRX, KB, and basic calisthenics.

Stuff like: he does 40 seconds of rows on the TRX while I do 40 seconds of plank pushups; rest 20 seconds; repeat two more times; switch. Or: he does 40 seconds of chest press on the TRX while I do alternating shoulder press with the KB; rest 20 sec.; repeat three more times (for evenness on the bilateral exercise); switch. 

It makes for a pretty effective, efficient workout. The TRX feels easier on my joints, it's easy to adjust for difficulty by changing angle, and I like the higher rep muscular endurance resistance training. We could use one more (slightly heavier) KB each and a step. In the summer we do it outside, which means more swings and stuff (because we're not working out over wood floors). 

We do a power KB day at the gym on Wednesday (which B is in charge of), which rips me up, but feels good. It's amazing how picking  something heavy up 3 times using momentum can leave me that sore. I love to do snatches, it makes me feel like a badass Amazon lady. T/Th I go to yoga class in the evening, which I try to precede with gym cardio or a run (I suck at running).

3) Oh, and speaking of kettlebells and fitness and stuff, did I tell you that I passed this test a couple of months ago? So I'm a IKBB certified KB instructor. I just did it for fun and personal development, not to be a trainer. 

OK, time to go make lunches and feel smug. Have a happy day, ya'll!

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hello from almost Christmas break

Dec. 21st, 2011 | 05:13 pm

We're going to have carpet replaced in the Library soon, which means that the monolithic reference desk (which is actually *5* pieces of furniture, two of which are used for public stand-up computers on the public-facing side, cabinets and drawers on our side - and on one of them, CARD CATALOG DRAWERS!) will need to be moved. We're going to use that opportunity to get rid of 3 of the 5 pieces of furniture. So, I did an inventory of all the crap in those drawers and cabinets and card files, posted it in google docs, and let the reference staff tell me what not to get rid of. Today I got rid of about two tons of stuff and reorganized the remaining things. I still need to scan or transcribe a few things and post them on our departmental google site. And somebody (hopefully not me) needs to vacuum up dust bunnies. I feel very accomplished. 

Did I tell you that I changed offices? I love my new office. My old one was a silly big room that they'd stuck furniture in. I had a view, which was nice, and a sink with a steaming hot water tap. But I'm in a normal sized office now, and I love the coziness of it. It's not tiny, mind you - maybe, hmm - 12'x12'. I have room for a good sized bookshelf, a small table for meeting with people, and several chairs as well as my desk. Oh, and I have the little fridge from the old office, which I keep thinking that my boss will see and make me get rid of. But for now I have it. My cap and gown are hanging on the back of the door, so they function as a sort of decoration. I feel good in here, happy. Like getting things done. 

I feel as though I'm being incredibly dull, but these are the things that occupy my mind. Which is probably why I don't post much. I'm off work at 11am on Friday, and not returning until Tuesday January 3. I'm excited! corinatheliar and her husband (and dogs?) will be visiting on Friday afternoon/night, en route to visit family for the holiday. Can't wait to see them! 

I feel melancholy this time of year, which the students gone. But not in a bad way - just touched by life, aware of the passing of time, of the little losses that come with change. 

I hope you all have wonderful holidays. 

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sleep and food

Dec. 13th, 2011 | 03:16 pm

My overnight shift went well. I slept well last night from 8:30pm-12:45am, got to work a little early, worked till 10. Then B and I went for a 3 mile run and I came home and had lunch and a nap. I'm tired right now, but not fuck you tired. Hopefully I'll be able to get to sleep early tonight so that I can pull it off one more time. 

I'm making this right now, but with a cut fryer. However, we're going to have steak for dinner, the chicken is because I'm currently obsessed with roasted chicken. It's the only snack I want. Well, and pickles. Weird, right? To be fair, we get our cut fryers (and our steaks) at the butcher shop now and they are awfully good. 

Sunday I made chile verde, which is much easier than you'd think. I'll post the recipe if anybody's interested. Do not fear the tomatillo!

ETA: oh, and the second thyroid test came back normal, in case you caught that and were wondering. High T4, but normal T3, and I guess it's the T3 that matters *shrugs*.

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Rin ran running

Nov. 1st, 2011 | 01:03 pm

I just ran a couple of miles as a work break. I work along a beautiful river walk, and the trees are turning. I need to do that more often. It feels fracking GREAT, gets be out of my head and back into my body. I love to run in my Vibram 5 fingers. I feel so good wearing these things. 

Anyhow, I'm reading Born To Run and despite some journalistic liberties and a case of noble-savage-itis, it's an awesome book and very inspirational.

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May. 20th, 2011 | 03:40 pm

Am in north carolina visiting my mom. Really a two day catch up would do but it's a long-as trip so I'm staying for a eeeeeeek. Two of those days I'm going to virginia to visit some idaho friends who moved recently and i'm so excited! I'm enjoying seeing my mom but feeling restless, missing husband's and dogs and boot camp class.

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May. 12th, 2011 | 06:10 am

Friday through Monday I was at a yoga meditation retreat here in Boise (I stayed at the retreat center, though). It was a lovely gift to myself. The schedule was 7-8 chanting and breathwork, then breakfast; 9:30-12 yoga and iRest meditation; lunch; 3:30-6 various yoga and meditation practices; dinner; 7:30-9 chanting one night, poetry the other. The retreat was mostly silent (except for the teacher, of course) which was delightfully restful. I loved the yoga and meditation, but even more than that, I loved having the space and time to rest and think and be. I spent a lot of time napping (a lot of time) and listening to my audiobook (nothing spiritual, mind you) and going for long walks. Oh, and having delicious healthy meals prepared for me, with no dishes and no chores to do is wonderful. I brushed my teeth after every meal. Did I mention I napped? And I slept so well at night. The retreat center had a pond, and the birds and frogs were loud, which was wonderful.

Now I'm back at work, doing an overnight shift, and it's OK. Better than that.

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fabulous day

Apr. 16th, 2011 | 04:26 pm

Today, I feel great. I puttered around doing some housekeeping and talking to my honey this morning, then went to boot camp and had my ASS HANDED TO ME ON A PLATTER. It was FUN and I feel STRONG and good. RAWR!

After, I went home for a shower, then off again to get an incredible massage. This lady really digs in and gets my hips, back, and neck happy.

Then home for lunch, and off to work for a reference desk shift. After this, I'm going to see roller derby with girlfriends. Fun night!

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hi from borings-ville

Mar. 31st, 2011 | 03:48 pm

I've been not posting because I don't feel anything to write about. Whenever I open this window, I have nothing to say. How could I possibly be interesting with nothing to say?

Yet, things are going on in my life. They just aren't that exciting. But anyhow, in the interest of maintaining our online relationship:

Gus in still in jail, but we're considering breaking him out tomorrow.

I'm exploring downloading ebooks from the public library onto my (work purchased) iPad (which I love despite my being baffled by Apple-mania. I don't get why liberals are so in love with a company that is closed source and wants you to pay them out the nose for batteries that die in five minutes).

It's spring break here, which means work is both sort of festive (long lunches and early afternoons, hanging out in my office with colleagues drinking tea) and BORING. Hardly any students, no reference questions, long reference desk shifts because so many people are away.

What else do you want to know? Ask me a question! I will answer!

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